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God made us to worship Him, and He is worthy of our praise!

We worship God and give Him glory by living lives of faith and obedience (Romans 12: 1).

We also worship God when we gather together and sing praises to Him, when we testify publicly to His goodness to us, when we communicate with Him in prayer, and when His Word is faithful preached.

Worship is work. It is not something we sit back and receive. It is something we offer, something we do. We work at worshipping God by reflecting the grace of the Gospel in how we live our lives, and we work when we gather for worship together by participating in the singing, the praying and even in listening to the sermon.

The focus of our worship is always God. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus and what He has done for us, He blesses us with a peace and joy that can only be found when the Holy Spirit empowers an intimate relationship with the Creator God of the universe.