Due to the Coronavirus, our Sunday Services are now suspended until further notice.

Instead, our Missional Community Groups will be participating in Zoom meetings on Sunday mornings, and we will have online service content for you to watch at home.

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End of the Jewish Era

February 16, 2020 Preacher: Greg Gardiner Series: I Am With You Always

Topic: New Testament Scripture: Matthew 24:1–24:22

When it comes to tricky Scripture passages to understand, Matthew 22 is usually up towards the top of the list. How do we understand what Jesus says to His disciples about the end times? This Sunday Pastor Greg will endeavour to unpack this chapter in the first of two sermons looking at Jesus' teaching on this subject. The key to getting a handle on what He says is noticing that the disciples actually ask two questions, not one - and He graciously answers both!

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