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Beyond Forgiveness?

November 11, 2018 Preacher: Rich Priebbenow Series: I Am With You Always

Topic: New Testament Scripture: Genesis 12:22–12:37

Do you sometimes struggle to believe that Jesus has paid for even your most serious and shameful sins against Him? Are there any sins that put a person beyond God's forgiveness?

In our passage this week, Jesus speaks of the kind of heart that has gone beyond the pale of God's forgiveness - the 'unforgivable sin'. It's tempting to read His words and wonder, "What if this is me?"

There is definitely a healthy warning for us here, to never cheapen or despise God's grace. But if we're trusting in Christ then we need not fear this might be us. A better response is to have wonder and praise for God's free and precious grace - grace that redeems even the worst of sinners. Even us!

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