Services as ususal this Sunday. However, mask wearing will be required.

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An Overview

July 22, 2018 Preacher: Greg Gardiner Series: Revelation - Letters to the Churches

Topic: New Testament Scripture: Revelation 14:1–14:5

For many Christians, the Bible ends with Jude's benediction. Going further means having to tackle the challenging task of understanding the Book of Revelation - and that's something that is often avoided.

Precisely because it is so challenging, and even confusing at first reading, many varying interpretations have been offered over the years. Largely, this has only added to the confusion. 

But maybe we've made Revelation out to be harder to understand than we should. Sure, it's got some crazy imagery in its pages, however there's a very simple purpose for it's existence.

This Sunday, we begin our study of the Book of Revelation with an overview of why it was written, who it was written to, the literary style, and its purpose.

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