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Faith To Conquer

July 2, 2017 Preacher: Anthony Sligar Series: Faith Lived Out

Topic: Topical Scripture: Joshua 5:13–6:21

Life can often feel like a losing battle - we wake each day to face another tussle with the temptations we gave in to yesterday. What would it look like to live with faith that believes God can and will bring about victory in our lives? This Sunday, we’re going to fast forward 40 years in Joshua’s life, as he leads the Israelites into what is far from a standard battle. It’s a huge moment in Israel’s history, the beginning of their conquest of the Promised Land.

Like Joshua, we need to have faith that God will bring about victory in our lives. It is unlikely that it will involve taking over a city but it will mean fighting to conquer the sin that remains..

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