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Faith When Those Around You Doubt

June 25, 2017 Preacher: Anthony Sligar Series: Faith Lived Out

Topic: Topical Scripture: Numbers 14:1–14:12

How firm would your faith be if everyone around you was doubting God and His goodness? That may not be your struggle on Sundays or when you are hanging with your MCG. But it maybe what you are facing at work, or with an unbelieving family, or the world of social media. When you are surrounded by doubt, how do you hold on?

As we go back to our Faith Lived Out series for the next three weeks, the first passage we will look at is just this kind of situation. Almost everyone in the whole nation of Israel is complaining about the Lord and doubting His power to bring them into the Promised Land safely. But a few remain faithful and we can learn much from their example.

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