Due to the Coronavirus, our Sunday Services are now suspended until further notice.

Instead, our Missional Community Groups will be participating in Zoom meetings on Sunday mornings, and we will have online service content for you to watch at home.

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The Repentant Life - Part 1

April 3, 2016 Preacher: Anthony Sligar Series: The Repentant Life

Topic: Topical Scripture: Psalm 51:1–51:19

Repentance is one those ‘Christianese’ terms that you’ve probably heard but maybe not spent a lot of time reflecting on. Being able to repent is a wonderful blessing and an essential part of the Christian walk, but often limited understanding means the fullness of that blessing is not realised. In this two part series Pastor Sly hopes to shed some more light on the subject and encourage us to be rejoicing in a life marked by repentance.

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April 10, 2016

The Repentant Life - Part 2