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Growing In Faith & Maturity

Where do you grow in faith and maturity? In a church service on Sunday? During a Bible study? Actually, the best environment for growth is during suffering and sacrifice....

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Food From Heaven

We generally consume a lot of food on Christmas Day, which is fine but only lasts a few hours. Jesus offers us food that will be eternally satisfying....

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I'd Rather Talk About Jesus

As a Christian, I find the debate about whether we should re-define marriage quite frustrating. I want to stand firm on what God has instituted as good and right, and yet if I get the opportunity to share with someone then, first and foremost, I'd rather talk about Jesus....

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Getting Missional In The Suburbs

Why missional Christians should be neighbourhood leaders....

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Why Do We Say 'Peace Has Come'?

When there is so much war and fighting in the world, why do we say that 'peace has come' at Christmas? Pastor Greg Gardiner provided this answer in his 2016 Christmas Eve sermon....

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Joy In Giving

Yes there's fun to be had in all the trappings of Christmas, but this year Disciples Church got involved in Operation Christmas Child. As people embraced the opportunity to give, we discovered the joy in giving!...

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I have often been asked by people how to make decisions. They have reached a particular cross-roads and they've almost become paralysed by a paranoia that they will make the wrong decision or a decision that is "not what God wants" for them. Maybe that's you right now. We'd all like a burning bush experience like Moses had, where God told him very plainly what He wanted h...

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Fashioned In His Image: 7 Tips To Redeem Your Wardrobe

Our obsession with fashion often indicates we're still seeking to prove our worth or present an identity that we want people to know us for. The reality for followers of Jesus is that we are clothed in a wardrobe that Versace will never be able to supply....

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On Top Of A Tower Of Crates

You wouldn't think sitting on top of a stack of milk crates would have much to do with being in a Missional Community Group at DC. But Callum Mansfield says the view from up top was not what he was expecting....

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Soul Doctors

Gospel transformation should be the goal of pastoral ministry....

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