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The Bible Is Shockingly Honest And Gloriously Hopeful

One of our favourite authors and speakers at Disciples Church is Paul Tripp. In this video, Paul is interviewed by Justin Holcomb of The Resurgence. It's about an hour long, but it's all good. Underneath the video window we've listed some topics and the time they come up on the video.


Paul Tripp's Life:  0:20

Daily Drive for the Gospel:  1:15

Scholar, Counselor, Pastor:  2:45

The Relationship between Law and Grace:  3:44

Marriage and the Gospel

Law, Gospel, and Marriage:  7:00

The Power of Worship in Marriage:  9:45

What is our hope in a broken marriage?  13:05

How do I know if I have flawed dating expectations?  14:15

Importance of a lifestyle of repentance and forgiveness:  17:40

Why we get angry with our spouses:  19:12

Parenting in Grace

Parenting in Faith:  20:25

How to discipline children through the Gospel:  25:08

Having sexuality conversations with your kids:  32:00

People Can Change

What happens with pornography in marriage:  37:55

Can people really change?  43:57

Grace is a process, not an event:  48:08

Encouragement for Ministry Work:  55:06

Shareable Quotes from the Interview:

The DNA of sin is selfishness.

I am my biggest marriage problem.

It's a lifelong practice of giving away worship of self and worship of creation to worship God.

My problem with my wife is not that I don't love her enough, it's that I don't love God enough.

1. Confess (I'm in desperate need of help) 2. Ask (God, send your helpers my way), 3. Receive (Give me the humility to receive the help when it comes).

You will never marry someone who is not a sinner.

If it's a sinner married to a sinner, it is impossible to have a healthy relationship without a regular lifestyle of confession and forgiveness.

Parenting is really about being a tool in the hands of a Redeemer to see real heart change take place.

Addiction to pornography doesn't stand outside of the grace of the Gospel.

Evil is well-marketed.

The big problem with spiritual blindness is you are blind to your blindness.

There is not a human being who has breath that doesn't need to be fundamentally rebuilt by grace.

If you are God's child, you have been drafted into the service of His Kingdom.